Behind The Scenes


Impression of ‘Tula the Revolt’

In 2009, Director Jeroen Leinders and Director of Photography Dolph van Stapele made this impression while planning to make a feature about the leader ‘Tula’ of the big slave uprising on the island of Curacao. In this impression the local acter Giovanni Abath is ‘Tula’ and ‘Gito’ is played by Egidio Antonisia. Both young local talents got a role in the real feature of ‘Tula the Revolt. It was filmed on location Plantation House ‘Kenepa’ on the Westside of the Island Curacao.

Meet the cast of ‘Tula the Revolt’

The Tula The Revolt cast is a mixture of British, Curacao and Dutch Actors.

In these interviews they will tell everything about the production, the story and their role in the movie.