The whole world is following the production of ‘Tula the Revolt’. The newspapers on Curacao are filled with information about the movie, the best pictures, blogs and interviews with the cast.

Interview with Director Jeroen Leinders about Tula the Revolt
Dutch newspaper ‘NRC’ of Friday 30 November 2012

‘It’s a WRAP’ (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 27 November 2012

‘Filming of Tula the Revolt is finished (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Amigoe’, 27 November 2012

‘Tula the Revolt now in Post production’ (English)
Curacao website ‘Curacao Chronicle, 26 November 2012


‘Workshop from Tula actors’ (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 21 November 2012


‘Tula actors contribute knowledge’ (Dutch)
 Curacao newspaper ‘Amigoe’, 20 November 2012



‘Actors of Tula the Revolt organized an acting workshop’ (Papiamentu) 
Curacao newspaper ‘Extra’, 20 November 2012

‘Hollywood teaches’ (Dutch) 
Curacao newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 20 November 2012

‘Workshop with Tula-actors’ (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Amigoe’, 16 November 2012


‘Behind the scenes’ (Papiamentu)
Local newspaper ‘Korant Independiente’, 8 November 2012


’16 day’s left’ (Dutch)
 Local newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 6 November 2012


‘The Tula Diary Part 2′ (Dutch) 
Local newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 2 November 2012


‘The producers were invited by the acting Governor of Curacao to inform her about the production of their movie.’
 Local newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad, 25 October 2012

‘Tula Revises’ (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 8 Oktober 2012


‘Press conference in Kura Hulanda Hotel’ (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 13 Oktober 2012


‘Casting for Tula movie started’ (Dutch)
Curacao newspaper ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’, 8 Oktober 2012