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Danny Glover about his role in the movie
There was no doubt in his mind after Danny Glover read the script of Tula the Revolt. He accepted the role of ‘Shinishi’ immediately. In an interview with the Dutch news channel NOS Danny Glover talks about the meaning of the character ‘Shinishi’

Jeroen Krabbé about the importance of the movie
“It is time that the story about this important part of Curacao and Dutch history is being shared with the rest of the world”, that is the main opinion of the Dutch actors that are participating in the movie. Jeroen KrabbĂ© and Jeroen Willems who both play the role of oppressor explain the importance in an interview with reporter Dick Drayer of the Dutch news channel NOS.

Presentation of the international cast
On the 11th of October 2012 the international cast of the movie was presented to the international press. After four years of dreaming, planning and struggling the moment of truth has become a fact for the producers Jeroen Leinders and Dolph van Stapele.